Frequently Asked Questions

1.      I am not very tech savvy…do I have to use the app?

 Yes.  Our app is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  There are no in app purchases or advertisements, it is straight-forward to and for the purpose of food recovery.  In order to best communicate and make each rescue route successful the best manner in which to do this is utilizing the benefit of our app.

 2.      How do I get food donated to my nonprofit?

 The first step in receiving food surplus is to create an account within our app, Food Rescue US, as a receiver.  This can be done from a computer and does not mean that you have to download the app.  Our director will then contact you and begin creating a food profile with you.  Once a food profile has been created we can begin to look for food surplus for your organization. 

 3.      Why don’t more restaurants use food recovery?

 Although Bill Clinton enacted the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act on October 1, 1996 it is not widely know.  It is a common misconception that food surplus MUST be thrown out.  This in fact is not the truth.        

4.      How do you measure the amount of food rescued each month?

 The food surplus is recorded by our rescuers after each rescue.  Each rescue is “closed” by the rescuer via the app, which then goes in to a database.  The database can be specific to the city of Wichita or can be added to the national database.  Our records are by meals saved.

 5.      How do I manage a rescue if I’m unable to do it at the last minute?

 There are multiple solutions to a last-minute problem.  First, if you think you might be able to do the rescue at a later time during the day contact the receiver to see if they might be available.  If they are then simply call the donor and let them know you will be a bit late.  If that is not an option, reach out on our Facebook page inbox and one of our representatives will connect with you. 

 We completely understand that life sometimes get in the way.  We have had last minute complications and have always been able to figure out a way to make the rescue happen.  We can attempt to find one of our emergency rescuers to recover the route and/or sometimes the rescue can happen the next day. So NO WORRIES!

6.      How do you recruit new providers?

 We recruit new donors via our Executive Director and our Donor Coordinator.  In an effort to grow at a sustainable rate we take on an average of 1-2 donors per month.  The process of food recovery is a system of sorts that takes growth on three different aspects:  donors, rescuers, and receivers.  If we have too many donors and not enough receivers our system might fail.  In addition without enough rescuers too many donors would only cause food surplus to sit at the donation site. 

 7.      Can the public help recruit business?

 Of course!  The best thing that the public can do is learn, rescue, and then educate.  New business comes from multiple angles.  Not only do we need donors to be successful in food recovery but also organizations to receive the food surplus and rescuers to provide the vital service of picking up and delivering the food surplus.  Food recovery is a fairly new concept.  Therefore, at this point in the game just knowing that it is an option and being able to pass on that information is vital to the success of food recovery in our community.    

8.      Is there a handout and/or charitable donations form?

 We have two different brochures that are available! Click here to download!

 9.      How are you funded?

 We are a 501(c)3 organization.  Our funding comes from public donations, foundation grants, and private funding.